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TGAgisBingMap Change Log

Next Version

    Adapted to new Bing Map v8 API.

Version 7.0.1

    Introduced marker options for direction overlay waypoints.
    Fixed an issue with AnchorOffset values of image markers.
    OnMapDragStart event is supported on V7 also.
    OnMapDragEnd event is supported on V7 also.
    OnMapCenterChanged event is supported on V7 also.
    OnMouseClick event is not triggered after a drag.
    Renamed event OnMapLoad to OnMapLoaded as it triggers when load completes.
    New event OnMapLoad added, to notify when load starts.

Version 7.0.0

    Bing Maps AJAX Control 7.0 is now supported.

Version 2.3.0

    Bing API was triggering dragging event for map even when it is only clicked, implemented a work-around.
    Bing API was triggering move event for a marker even when it is only clicked, implemented a work-around.
    Fixed a bug causing map hover icon not displayed on first show up.

Version 2.2.0

    Re-implemented draggable property of the shapes, according to the new API (6.3) released.
    New overlay TileLayer added, to show tile images over the map.
    New overlay Layer added, to group overlays and let them processed all at once.

Version 2.1.0

    New overlay class TGAgisGeoXML added, to import from KML/RSS and XML sources, and Bing Collections.
    New property ScrollWheelZoomCenterCursor added, to set behaviour of the wheel, whether zoom will center to map center or mouse cursor.
    Fixed minor bugs.

Version 2.0.0

    Initial version.

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