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TGAgisBingMap Overview

TGAgisBingMap is the native Delphi component, which brings Bing Maps API and Bing Maps 3D API to your Delphi and C++ Builder applications.

If you need additional JavaScript libraries, just provide their URLs and they will be loaded along with the map api and other internal libraries. You will be able to use them with a method, which directly executes custom JavaScript code.

TGAgisBingMap supports localization with 20 languages / variations. And 85 unique events will let you have full control over it.

With the component, you will find many types of overlays you would expect to use on a map. Markers, labels, polylines, polygons, curves and circles, kml/kmz xml sources, arrows, ground images, tile layers) will be on your control.
Also overlays can be grouped under a Layer, so that showing / hiding them or adjusting opacity values at once becomes possible.

TGAgisBingMap component is developed to simplify your coding period also. For example, you just assign a PopupMenu, and it will be tracked for you. When a user opens it, you will be informed with the coordinates (both pixel and screen), whether it is over an overlay or not. You will know, when a menu item is selected or even closed without a selection.

For a closer look please check the demo.

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