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TGAgisGoogleGeo Overview

TGAgisGoogleGeo is the native Delphi component, which brings geographical information from several Google APIs and external services to your Delphi and C++ Builder applications.

The component can work in both WebService mode and also as a client to the TGAgisGoogleMap component. And it covers both Google Geocoding API versions v2 and v3 together, allowing you to run the same code on both v2 and v3 APIs and switch in between any time. You just need to decide the mode and the API version you want to use, then querying is easy as just calling a method.

TGAgisGoogleGeo is able retrieve the most comprehensive data available on the market, querying ip's, retrieving solar information, timezone information, altiude information are all possible currently. Localization is also supported with the component.

API versions

TGAgisGoogleGeo is a single component for both V2 and V3 APIs, to simplify your migration from V2 to V3. Your V2 code will run on V3 - except the parts not covered by V3. Altough Google deprecated V2, it will be continued to improve towards your needs until Google stops serving it.

API Versions V2 V3
Query IP
Query Address
Query Coordinates
Query Altitude
Query Solar Information
Query TimeZone
Bounds Information
ViewPort Information
Support Delphi and C++ Builder

For a closer look please check the demo.

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