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TGAgisGoogleMap Overview

TGAgisGoogleMap is the native Delphi component, which brings Google Map API and Google Earth API to your Delphi and C++ Builder applications. It utilizes even more extension libraries and tools to provide you the most feature-rich component with unique features.

The component covers both Google Map API versions V2 and V3 together, allowing you to run the same code on both APIs and switch in between any time. Besides Google Earth API is also encapsulated for 3D requirements. You just need to decide the Google Map API version and subversion you want to use, or let the component detect and use stable or latest version published for you.

If you need additional JavaScript libraries, just provide their URLs and they will be loaded along with the map api and other internal libraries. You will be able to use them with a method, which directly executes custom JavaScript code.

TGAgisGoogleMap addresses all possible demands of a customer. Support for localization is one of them, and 54 supported languages / variations are accessible with the component. Flexibility is another consideration, which was on mind during development, that is why so many properties and methods implemented. Finally, full control with the help of 96 unique events is another point to note.

With the component, you will find all types of overlays you would expect to use on a map. Markers, labels, polylines, polygons, curves and circles, 2D and 3D kml/kmz xml sources, arrows, ground images, screen images, tile layers, info layers, info windows) will be on your control.
Also overlays can be grouped under a Layer, so that showing / hiding them or adjusting opacity values at once becomes possible.

Import and Export capabilities are also implemented with the component. Overlays (markers, polylines, polygons, curves and circles) can be exported to KML files. A method provided by supported overlays will return kml representations in string, which then can be used to generate kml or kmz files, which are importable with many applications, like Google Earth Application. With help of TGAprsESRIShape and TGAprsKML components, it is easy to import ESRI Shape files and local KML files into your applications.

TGAgisGoogleMap component is developed to simplify your coding period also. For example, you just assign a PopupMenu, and it will be tracked for you. When a user opens it, you will be informed with the coordinates (both pixel and screen), whether it is over an overlay or not. You will know, when a menu item is selected or even closed without a selection.

API versions

TGAgisGoogleMap is a single component for both V2 and V3 APIs, to simplify your migration from V2 to V3. Your V2 code will run on V3 - except the parts not covered by V3. You might only need to modify your code for those parts existing in V2; but not yet in V3, if used any. As Google adds those features, the component will be enhanced to cover them too. Altough Google deprecated V2, it will be continued to improve towards your needs until Google stops serving it.

Overall performance of V3 is better and features in V3 are generally improved compared to V2, with exceptions. Below chart shows details :

API Versions V2 V3
Premier client support
Secure connection
Proxy settings
External JavaScript libraries
Custom JavaScript code execution
JavaScript error details
Passing strings from JavaScript code
Detect client location
Custom cursors
Map types supported 13 5
Earth mode
Aerial Perspective Imagery
Image map types
Styled map types
Info Windows
Multiple tabs*

Street view*
Street view*
As polygons
Ground Images
Screen Images
Fusion Layer
Info Layer
Tile Layer
Traffic Info
Map Resize/Autosize
Coordinates in pixel or latitude/longitude
KML Export
Events* 95 96
Support Delphi and C++ Builder
* V2 supports multiple tabbed info windows also.
* V3 supports Markers and InfoWindows on Street View also.
* V3 supports bicycling / transit layers and travel modes.
* Counts represent unique events, some events are shared with multiple overlays.

For a closer look please check the demo.

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