Offline maps available now!


GoogleMap component now supports Heatmaps ! Demo shows a sample. 2022.03.05
After a recent API change, GoogleMap component was not loading, new version v.3.48 is released to resolve the issue.
This version requires Edge Browser Canary Channel installation. Google Map component's Delphi 10.4+ versions available only.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.3.14.0 version is released.
This version adapts to recent changes Google has made, and in charge since June 11th.
TGAgisBingMap v.8.0.0 version is released.
This version uses new Bing Map v8 API, to migrate easily from previous API, which will be discontinues on June 30.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.3.13.0 version is released.
This version fixes a problem raised after a recent Google API change, which caused tiles to stop loading after a few drags.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.3.12.0 version is released.
This version fixes problems from recent Google changes.
XE7, XE8 and XE10 Seattle versions of the products are available.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.3.11.0 version is released. 2015.03.01
TGAprsESRIShape v.1.1 is available.
ESRI Shape Parser component now supports PointZ type elements also.
Yahoo components discontinued as the services stopped. 2014.10.07
XE6 version of the products are available.
TGAgisSmartMapFM Android demo v.1.0.0 is available. 2014.04.13
TGAgisSmartMapFM demo v.1.0.0 is available. 2014.02.26
Firemonkey version of TGAgisSmartMap component is available. 2014.02.26
XE5 version of the products are available.
TGAgisSmartMap v.1.0.10 is available.
All overlays now support Mouse events like Over / Out, Left / Right Click, DobuleClick..
Another new product to show street view images in your applications is released !
TGAgisGoogleImage will help you spice up your applications with real world imagery with rotate, pitch and zoom abilities.
Check out the TGAgisGoogleImage demo to see it on work.
KML parser component now supports StyleMap tags also.
New TGAprsKML demo has a sample KML file with StyleMap tags, which includes hover styling. With that information, supporting overlays (currently Markers, Polylines and Polygons) will be highlighted automatically when hovered.
Another new product to build KML files easily is released !
TGAwrtKML will help you exporting markers, polylines and polygons with styles.
Check out the TGAwrtKML demo to see it on work.
KML parser component now supports ExtendedData tags also.
New TGAprsKML demo has a sample KML file with ExtendedData, from which InfoWindow contents are generated.
XE4 version of the products are available.
TGAgisSmartMap v.1.0.9 is available.
Native popup support is added.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.3.10.0 version is released.
Some of the major changes are below:
  • Polylines can be decorated with symbols,
  • Transit travel mode introduced.
XE3 version of the products are available.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.3.9.9 version is released.
Some of the major changes are below:
  • Polys and circles can be editable,
  • Labels can be rotated.
TGAprsNMEA v.1.0.0 is available now !
Now, you can parse NMEA sentences.
XGAgisGoogleMap and XGAgisGoogleGeo ActiveX controls are discontinued.
No updates and improvements will be performed.
TGAgisBingMap v.7.0.0 demo is out.
You can utilize the new Bing Maps 7.0 API also now.
Our website will be unreachable for a few days starting on 28.01.2012.
Mail support will continue during this period.
TGAgisGoogleMap and TGAgisGoogleGeo v.3.7.5 versions are released. 2011.12.18
TGAgisConverter v.2.0.2 is available.
It can handle UTM values also.
TGAgisSmartMap v.1.0.8 is available.
Performance is improved.
TGAgisSmartMap v.1.0.7 is released.
New events and properties arrived.
TGAgisSmartMap v.1.0.6 is available.
Multi-thread mode is now faster.
TGAgisSmartMap v.1.0.5 arrives.
No memory leaks now.
TGAgisSmartMap v.1.0.4 is released.
Some cosmetic improvements and bug fixes implemented.
XE2 version of the products are available.
TGAgisBingMap v.2.3.0 demo is out.
Implemented a few fixes and work-arounds for Bing Map API bugs.
TGAgisSmartMap v.1.0.3 is released.
Multi-thread mode is now faster.
TGAgisGooglePlace v.1.0.0 is available now !
Now, you can utilize Google Places API also.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.3.5.8 Beta is released.
  • Fusion Layers return detailed information of clicked item,
  • Labels can have a fixed position on screen now.
TGAgisSmartMap v.1.0.2 is available !
Marker images can be local / remote files and can be rotated.
TGAgisGoogleGeo v.3.0.1 Beta is released.
TimeZone and Sun Rise/Transit/Set times can also be queried now.
TGAgisSmartMap v.1.0.1 is available !
It can now download an area into a single image.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.3.4.7 demo is out. 2011.04.04
TGAgisSmartMap v.1.0.0 is available now !
It brings 2 major possibilities to map applications.
  • Offline map usage,
  • Different images from map providers or your own compilation on a single map application.
Another new product to spice up your GIS applications is released !
TGAgisAnimator v.1.0.0, will bring action to your maps.
Check out the TGAgisAnimator demo to see what it can do for you.
TGAgisGoogleMap and TGAgisGoogleGeo v.3.0.0 versions are released.
Both components can work with V2 or V3 API at a time.
Besides many new features of V3 API, V2 mode also had improvements.
TGAgisGoogleMap V3 Beta is publicly available now.
TGAgisGoogleMap using Google Map API V3 is in Beta phase.
Participate to check it out and receive discounts.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.5.0 demo is out.
Some of the major changes are below:
Multiple tabbed marker info windows are supported now.
Markers can now extract icons from bigger images.
Markers can use local images. (2D modes only)
Marker anchors can be specified now.
Markers can be dragged in Earth mode also.
Markers can be scaled in Earth mode now.
New marker type (Ball) is addded.
New street view marker type (Peguin) added.
New event to detect the link clicked on a label.
New properties to adjust transparency of layers.
New property to set Premier Client Id.
Secure connections and proxy settings are now supported.
External libraries can also be loaded now.
New function to check if a coordinate is in a polygon / circle or not.
Parse and import KML files easily with new TGAprsKML component.
Now, you can import local KML files into your maps.
Check out the TGAprsKML demo.
Another new product, Google Maps ActiveX Control Library is available.
Now it is possible to use the Google Map services on web pages and from any language supporting ActiveX.
XGAgisgoogleMap v.2.0.0 html and application demos are out.
The legend spreads, you have an economical map alternative now.
TGAgisYahooMap and TGAgisYahooGeo v.2.0.0 demos are out.
TGAgisBingMap v.2.2.0 demo is out.
New overlay TGAgisLayer will let you group overlays, and show / hide them at once. TGAgisTileLayer can show tiles or ground images over the map.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.4.0 and TGAgisGoogleGeo v.2.2.0 demos are out.
TGAgisGoogleMap supports 4 new overlay types and bring new functionalities.
Ground Images, Screen Images, Tile Layers, and Layers to group overlays are available now.
(See corresponding tabs on the demo).
Also SnapToRoad functionality is available.
(See "Snap to road" popup menu item over the map).
TGAgisGoogleGeo now support returning only the Best Matching Location or Alternative Locations in both HTTP and Client modes.
(See "Get Only Best Match" check box).
Parse and import ESRI Shape files, along with arbitrary data in matching DBX file easily with new TGAprsESRIShape component.
Check out the TGAprsESRIShape demo.
TGAgisBingMap v.2.1.0 demo is out.
New overlay TGAgisGeoXML will let you import XML/KML/RSS and Bing Collections. Also a new property ScrollWheelZoomCenterCursor is added to fine tune zooming.
Connect to Garmin USB devices with the new TGAgisGarminUSB component.
Check out the TGAgisGarminUSB demo.
TGAgisBingMap and TGAgisBingGeo v.2.0.0 demos are out.
Now, tough alternatives to TGAgisGoogleMap and TGAgisGoogleGeo components are available.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.3.0 demo is out.
New overlay type TGAgisCurve is available to draw curves over map.
(See Curve section).
Overlays (not all) can be exported to KML files or strings.
(See KML Export section).
New arrow type (DoubleTriangular) added.
(See Type option in Arrow section).
TGAgisRouter v.2.1.0 demo is out.
Integrated with a cache system, not to ask a direction cost more than once.
Improved and optimized algorithm which can handle up to 256 waypoints at a time.
Driving and walking travel modes are supported now.
Highway usage can be allowed or permitted.
Can calculate ring paths also. Just set same waypoint as start and finish waypoint.
Can automatically retry, when Too Many Queries error return from Google Server.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.2.7 demo is out.
4 different types of layers are available. You can select multiple layers also.
(See Layer section).
Markers can be visible at specified zoom ranges. Just set min and max zoom levels of markers, no extra action is necessary.
(See Min / Max Zoom at Marker section).
TGAgisTracker v.1.0.3 demo is released.
The component can now show object directions as arrows on map.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.2.6 demo is out.
Arrows of 2 different shapes and any size / color are available.
(See Arrow section).
Client location is available as long as the application runs in Google's coverage.
(See PopUp menu / Center My Location).
Code is optimized to produce less overhead on executable size.
(See demo application size, it is only 957 KB).
TGAgisTracker v.1.0.2 demo is released.
The component now supports fixed location assets.
(See Locations section on the demo).
Also collision detection capabilities added to the component.
(Press Random Feed Data button and watch for the log).
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.2.5 demo is out.
A new property is added to position MapType Control at desired corner.
(See Type Control Pos. combo).
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.2.4 demo is out.
Do not look at just from the top, get aerial perspective look!
(See Aerial section).
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.2.3 demo is out.
A property for positioning navigation controls in Earth mode is added.
(See Nav.Control Pos. combo on planet section).
A property for tilt angle is added which adjusts camera in Earth mode.
(See Tilt Angle control on planet section).
Track anything with new TGAgisTracker component.
Check-out new "Tracker" section of TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.2.2 demo.
TGAgisGoogleGeo v.2.1.0 is out.
Now, it can query from ip addresses also.
TGAgisGoogleMap can now load GeoXMLs (KMLs, KMZs) in Earth mode
in 2 additional ways : from local files and strings.
Go 3D !
Check out the enhanced Earth mode in new TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.2.0 demo.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.1.B demo is released.
Added a property for API Version currently loaded.
(See log indicating the version)
Fixed minor issues on Street View.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.1.A demo is released.
After Google's fixes, this demo should not have any errors related with Street View.
Also some cosmetic changes are implemented.
For those, who would like to be notified of updates, can subscribe to newsletter. 2009.11.06
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.1.9 demo is released.
This demo uses latest TGAgisGoogleGeo v.2.0.6, which has Client Geocoder added.
Now, you can use both "HTTP GeoCoder" or "Client Geocoder". (GeoInfo section improved to find addresses with "Client Geocoder", for HTTP Geocoder, please download TGAgisGoogleGeo demo.)
Fixed bug : Street View image was not correctly loaded when tried to show first time on some browsers.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.1.8 demo is released.
Advanced Street View support added.
(Check out the new Street View section)
Map Types increased from 5 to 11.
(Check out the Type combo under Settings section - requires refresh)
Image Markers can now stretch original image.
(Check out width/height values for an image marker on Markers section)
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.1.7 demo is released.
A new overlay type GeoXML is introduced.
(Check out the new XML section)
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.1.6 demo is released.
Directions now support Driving and Walking travel modes.
(Try changing Travel Mode of sample Direction and Update)
Polylines have GetDistance function added.
(Try clicking Length button on Polyline section)
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.1.5 demo is released.
This demo shows PopUpMenu capabilities of the map component.
It now keeps track of the overlay right clicked and status of PopUpMenu in properties to make it easier to trigger an action, specific to overlay right clicked.
(Try right clicking over a marker, polyline, polygon or circle and select "Remove ..." menu item)
  TGAgisHelp v.2.1.4 html help file released. 2009.10.27
Search bar added to allow searches within site. 2009.10.26
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.1.4 demo is released.
This demo brings several improvements as follows :
TGAgisGoogleMap component has better error reporting, it can return error source, code and description.
(Try moving cursor over sea when GeoInfo tab is selected.)
It is possible to hide / show InfoWindows of Markers.
(Try InfoWindow button on Markers section to toggle info windows.)
Added boolean property MapShown, and an event OnMapShow.
(Try refreshing the map.)
TGAgisRouter component also improved, to allow setting start and finish points from the waypoints to calculate optimum route.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.1.3 demo is released.
This demo fixes the issue with v.2.1.2, some of the buttons were not getting enabled.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.1.2 demo is released.
This demo fixes an issue with v.2.1.1 during shortest path calculations.
The issue was an error raising when mouse is moved over an unknown position on the map during or before the calculations.
TGAgisGoogleGeo v.2.0.5 demo is released.
The demo will use embedded key to work after Google's recent change.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.1.1 demo is released.
The demo will use embedded keys to work after Google's recent change.
Also, directions have GetDuration method to return estimate duration.
Finally, this demo uses TGAgisRouter v.2.0.1, which can calculate shortest path against duration as well as distance.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.1.0 demo is released.
The demo includes a new section "Shortest Path", which calculates the shortest path among given waypoints using the new component TGAgisRouter v.2.0.0.
Also, directions have language property added to allow localization of directions.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.0.6 demo is released.
A recent change of Google was causing unexpected behaviour on the demo, which was running without Google API URL/Key pair, it is adapted to the new situation. Also two new fields are added on Settings section to allow entering those values.
TGAgisConverter v.2.0.1 demo is released.
New ellipsoids and datums are defined to make 57 Ellipsoids, 58 Datums in total.
TGAgisChart v.2.0.0 demo is released.
TGAgisConverter v.2.0.0 demo is released.
TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.0.5 demo is released.
Can now print map image with optional header / footer.
TGAgisGoogleGeo v.2.0.4 demo is released.
Coordinates can be converted to/from OS NationalGrid (British) System.
  TGAgisGoogleGeo v.2.0.3 demo is released.
Now Altitude information is available from an address or coordinates.
  TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.0.3 demo is released.
DMS (Degree, Minute, Second) format added for coordinates.
  TGAgisGoogleGeo v.2.0.2 demo is released.
InputEncoding, OutputEncoding and OutputLanguage properties added.
  TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.0.2 demo is released.
A method to show all visible markers and property MapLoaded added.
  TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.0.1 demo is released.
Polygons also support Geodesic mode now. And a few bugs fixed.
  TGAgisGoogleGeo v.2.0.1 demo is released.
It now supports country / viewport biasing.
  e-Commerce system is set up and launched.
You can purchase a product securely with common payment types.
  TGAgisHelp v.2.0.0 html help file released. 2009.10.01
  TGAgisGoogleGeo v.2.0.0 demo application is available on Download section. 2009.09.30
  TGAgisGoogleMap v.2.0.0 demo application is available on Download section. 2009.09.28 web site launched officially. 2009.09.21
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