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TGAgisSmartMap Features

TGAgisSmartMap in online mode, can connect to map tile providers to download and show map images. There exist 5 predefined providers (Google, Bing, Yahoo, OpenStreet and Pergo) and custom providers can also be used. In offline mode, it can use local image files (jpg / png) to render a map. Currently Mercator and EquiRectangular / PlateCarree projection systems are supported.

Component can work completely offline with provided tiles. It can also go online and download tiles from providers either preset or custom, and can save for later use (not all providers allow this).

If you are behind a proxy or need to use a special one, you just need to identify it.

Crosshair can be shown with custom length and color options at the map center.

Allow / prevent keyboard navigation.
Enable / disable dragging by mouse and scroll wheel usage. Also zoom behaviour can be set separately for double click or scroll wheel, whether map will be centered on zoom in / out or not.

Hover and Dragging cursors can be adjusted separately for map and overlays.

Basic methods like Center, Zoom In/Out, Set Zoom Level, PanTo, PanBy are all supported.

Map area can be adjusted precisely or auto size will fill the available area of the component. Background color can also be set.

Map position and zoom level can be saved and restored back.

Getting the closest marker to a point or getting the list of markers in a range around a point are also possible.

Add, remove, update many kinds of overlay objects (markers, labels, polylines, polygons, curves and circles, 2D kml sources, arrows) simply.
And use an extensive amount of properties / events to manage your map, and overlay objects.

All overlays allow submitting multiple changes at once with BeginUpdate and EndUpdate methods.
They all can be set to be visible at certain zoom level ranges also.

3 marker types exist currently. Default and labeled markers both can be of any color, the latter also allow text to display.

You can also provide images to the image marker.
Marker images can be local or remote (in online mode) image files of supported types.
Marker images can also be rotated with a given angle counter clock wise in double precision (Standard version only).

With TGAgisSmartMap you can also create labels, with adjustable text orientation and opacity.

Create polylines from vertices with properties like StrokeWeight, StrokeColor, also Geodesic or not. Calculate length, get bounds easily.

Image shows polylines with same two coordinates but (red) one is geodesic type.

Create polygons from vertices with properties like StrokeWeight, StrokeColor, FillColor, FillOpacity, also Geodesic or not.. Calculate area, get bounds easily.

You can also check whether a coordinate is in or not.

Image shows two polygons with same coordinate data, one in geodesic format.

Curves are also supported. It is possible to draw opaque / transparent, closed / open curves with adjustable precision. Again, curves have standard properties and events like other overlays.

Image shows a few possibilities.

(Standard version only)

Create circles at required precision with properties like Center Coordinates, Radius, StrokeWeight, StrokeColor, StrokeOpacity, FillColor, FillOpacity.. Calculate area and get bounds accurately and easily.

You can also check whether a coordinate is in or not.

Create arrows in any size with any border and fill colors to point any direction.
Currently three different shapes are available, regular, triangular and double triangular. All support width and length scaling independantly.

They will notify for mouse over, mouse out, click events also.

(Standard version only)

Component is also able to download desired zoom levels completely or partially within given boundaries.

It can also produce a single image from given boundaries.

(Standard version only)

KML files can be loaded into the map, with the help of TGAprsKML component.

TGAgisSmart component also supports TPopupMenu natively.
Just assign the PopupMenu to the dedicated property, and it will do the rest. With the help of properties and events, you can determine, if user right clicked on a marker for example and add an action item for that marker.
Also a property is added to return if PopUp Menu is visible or not currently (a menu is selected or user clicked outside of popup menu).

For a closer look please check the demo.
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