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The tripality :
Multi mode components.
All demo applications are for Microsoft Windows OS.
You can also find a sample help file for the components.

Some components are Bing, Google or Yahoo specific, others listed under Common Demos, can be run with all Bing, Google or Yahoo components.

For example : TGAgisRouter component can connect to both TGAgisBingMap or TGAgisGoogleMap components and perform functionality using the services, the connected component uses.

It is also possible to connect a TGAgisTracker with TGAgisBingMap, TGAgisGoogleMap or TGAgisYahooMap components. The calculations will be the same, only map and overlay drawings will differ.

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Smart Demos
TGAgisSmartMap demo application. 1,986 KB

Bing Demos
TGAgisBingMap demo application. 406 KB
TGAgisBingGeo demo application. 430 KB

Google Demos
TGAgisGoogleMap demo application. 687 KB
TGAgisGoogleGeo demo application. 591 KB
TGAgisGooglePlace demo application. 363 KB
TGAgisGoogleImage demo application. 363 KB
TGAgisGoogleChart demo application. 306 KB

Common Demos
TGAgisTracker demo application. 491 KB
TGAgisAnimator demo application. 368 KB
TGAgisGarminUSB demo application. 368 KB
TGAgisRouter demo application. 621 KB
Parser demo application.
(TGAprsESRIShape, TGAprsKML and TGAprsNMEA)
765 KB
KML Writer demo application. 765 KB
TGAgisConverter demo application. 186 KB

GIS Documentation
TGAgisHelp (an old sample) 114 KB

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