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TGAgisAnimator Features
TGAgisAnimator is a native Delphi / C++ Builder component, capable to animate markers on Google Maps.

The component can flash markers.

It is as easy as selecting the markers.

You can also blink markers.

Just assign the interval and choose the markers, the component will do the rest.

Moving markers is also possible.

Just assign the x and y direction changes in angles.

Resizing markers is another animation type.

You can grow or shrink in both x and y directions. You can reverse the growth / shrink anytime.

The component can also change look of markers by series of property sets.

Just assign properties of each property set, and with the given interval, marker icon will change according to the settings.

Animating with series of images is another possibility.

Image of the marker will be changed with given interval and order of the provided images.

And this is not enough, you can even combine several animations together in a marker.

That is, a marker can blink while it is growing, moving and changing colors.

You can also use Google's predefined animations, Bounce and Drop.

Note that, these cannot be combined with other animations.

For a closer look please check the demo.
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