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TGAgisGooglePlace Features
TGAgisGooglePlace can search for places around given address or coordinates through Google Places API.

It can also retrieve details of a place or check in to a place.

The component is able to search for places from text address or from coordinates using Google Services. Provided name or type(s), places matching within a given radius around a location will be returned. Results will be provided with name, latitude, longitude, text formatted address, vicinity, phone number, rating, types, url of the place and a suggested icon, along with search status.

TGAgisGooglePlace also supports localization, the language in which the Place's name is being reported can be chosen.

With the internal cache system, you can increase your application's performance in cases where same places have potential to be queried multiple times. Cache system can be disabled if not needed.

The component uses JSON format for higher performance.

You can also check-in to a place using the component. Check-in activity is reflected in the place search results that are returned - popular establishments are ranked more highly, making it easy for your users to find likely matches.

It requires Google Places API registration, and has properties to use your own key.

For a closer look please check the demo.
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