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TGAgisTracker Features
TGAgisTracker is a native Delphi / C++ Builder component, capable to track moving assets and extract information from supplied position data.

The component can track moving objects with supplied coordinate data, which can be acquired from a GPS device. If connected to a TGAgisGoogleMap, TGAgisBingMap or TGAgisYahooMap component, objects can be displayed on map and a selected object can be centered continuously without writing code.

Arrows representing the direction of objects can also be rendered on map.

Heading / direction, current speed, average speed and mileage of moving objects will be calculated real-time as data supplied.
Also minimum and maximum of values like altitude will be kept.

It is also possible to notify when an object starts / stops, exceeds a speed limit, gets in or out an adjustable range to another moving or fixed location object.

For a closer look please check the demo.

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