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Bing vs Google vs Yahoo (Maps Ajax APIs)
Which one suits best for you?
Here you will find several comparison charts of the Ajax Map APIs of the tree major service providers, to help you find the best one for your needs.

The Content and General Features
Although Google Map Services seem to be best of the tree, Bing and Yahoo Services also have some unique features. Bing Map Services allow for example rendering optimization against performance or display quality. And their services seem to be the most stable one among all. Yahoo Map Services may seem behind the other two, however it offers a very useful feature, place searching with keywords. And it will save your money.

They all require registration, and support many of the features in common, like basic overlays and layers to group them.

Please check demo applications for better understanding.

FEATURES Bing Google Yahoo
Secure login over https Yes Yes No
Can hide base layer Yes No No
Hover Cursor Yes Yes No
Drag Cursor No Yes No
Localization 20 languages 54 languages No
Image Map Types No V3 Only No
Styled Map Types No V3 Only No
3D View Yes Yes No
Marker Yes Yes Yes
Draggable Marker Yes Yes No
Label Yes Yes Yes
Transparent Label No Yes No
Polyline Yes Yes Yes
Polygon Yes Yes No
Curve Yes Yes Yes
Circle Yes Yes Yes
Arrow Yes Yes Yes
Ground Image Indirect support Yes No
Screen Image No Yes No
Directions Yes Yes No
Street View No Yes No
Info Layer Collections Only Yes No
Tile Layer Yes V2 Only No
Layer Yes Yes Yes
Traffic Info Yes Yes Yes
KML Export No V2 Only No
Snap To Road No Yes No
Performance tuning Yes No No
ScreenShot Yes Yes Yes
Print Yes Yes Yes
Geocoding Yes Yes Yes
Reverse Geocoding Yes Yes No
Place Search Yes* Yes Yes
* API supports but not implemented into respective component yet.

Limitations on free usage
Below chart shows the limits allowed for users without any contracts.

They are generally enough for a typical user and small user groups, however problems may raise as number of users increase.

LIMITS (FREE USAGE)* Bing* Google Yahoo
Maximum number of sessions 342/Key/Day N/A N/A
Maximum number of objects > 5,000* 10,000 > 5,000*
Geocoding queries N/A 15,000/IP/Day N/A
Direction queries N/A 10,000/Key/Day N/A
Place queries N/A 1,000/Key/Day N/A
Total number of queries 1,370/Key/Day* 17,000/Key/Day* 50,000/IP/Day
Maximum number of waypoints per direction 25 25 N/A
* The limits per Key are shared accross all client applications using the same Key (APIKey).
* Developers plan is chosen for the comparison. Please check for other plans.
* Not declared but observed values.
* Bing Maps use transaction unit for usage limiting. Please check for details.
* Assuming 5 users share the key.

Performance on free usage
Below chart provides performance data among the three APIs. Measurements were done with same random numbers for all. 3 random vertices were used for Polylines.

Note that, Bing Map has a special capability to optimize itself against display quality and performance, and beats the other two even in quality mode.

Results might be affected with the complexity of the implementation side of the component besides the APIs themselves. (For example : Google Markers have more properties than Yahoo Markers and this will cost even at construction of the classes.)

PERFORMANCE (FREE USAGE)* Bing* Google* Yahoo*
V2 V3
Time required for adding 1000 markers (sec) 2.543 12.511 + 8.055 6.677 + 5.855 3.744 + 4.467
Time required for 1000 polylines (sec) 4.399 4.200 + 128.414 4.711 + 101.336 5.679 + 4.249
* Tests were performed on a Pentium ® Dual CPU, 2GHz, 32Bit system.
* Values acquired from an instance at which optimizations were against quality.
* Google Map and Yahoo Map requires more time to update the display, indicated with plus values.
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