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TGAgisGoogleGeo Features
TGAgisGoogleGeo in Web Service / HTTP mode, can directly retrieve information from Google Servers without any external file requirements, thus faster results.

Or in Client mode, it connects to a TGAgisGoogleMap which again directly connects to Google Servers, and use client geocoder.

The component acquires geographical information from text address or from coordinates (reverse geocoding) using Google services. It returns latitude, longitude, elevation, geo-address, country code / name, administrative area, locality, thoroughfare, postal code, along with status and accuracy level. With Version 3, formatted address, short and long administrative area names, actual boundaries and a suggested viewport boundaries can also be retrieved.

Both Web Service and Client modes support returning only the Best Matching Location or Alternative Locations also.

Just decide the Google Geocoding API version you want to use, and component will handle the rest.

In addition to regular connection, component supports secure connection to be at the safe side.

If you are behind a proxy or need to use a special one, just set the properties.

Component is able to retrieve elevation data - using Google Elevation API - along a path between coordinates, with samples up to 512 per request.

Component can also query geographical information from ip addresses with a wide coverage and acceptable accuracy level.

TGAgisGoogleGeo also supports localization of results like TGAgisGoogleMap. You can select output language (auto detects input language) and also select different encodings for input and output.
There are 10 encodings available : Default, UTF8, Western European, Eastern European, Cyrillic Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

TGAgisGoogleGeo can retrieve time zone for a location whose coordinates are provided.

Solar times can also be retrieved by TGAgisGoogleGeo.
Besides Sun Rise/Transit/Set times, Civil, Nautical and Astronomical twilight date/time information can be calculated with high accuracy (Calculations for locations between +/- 72° latitude are theoretically accurate to within a minute, and within 10 minutes outside of those latitudes).

With the internal cache system, you can increase your application's performance in cases where same addresses have potential to be queried multiple times. Cache system can be disabled if not needed.

The component can use both CSV (V2 only) and JSON formats. CSV does not return as much information as JSON, however it is faster.

You can narrow your searches within a country (Country Biasing) or within a rectangular area (ViewPort Biasing).

It requires GoogleAPI registration, and has properties to use your own URL / Key pair.

For a closer look please check the demo.
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