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TGAgisBingMap Features
TGAgisBingMap is the delphi component which brings Bing Maps API to your applications. It utilizes even more extension libraries and tools to have powerfull features like retrieving altitude information from address / coordinate..

TGAgisBingMap can also login and load tiles securely if required, using https connection instead of http connection.

TGAgisBingMap directly loads the necessary html and script codes from memory, hence does not require any external files, which results not only in less load time; but also eliminates management complexity, which is legal according to Bing terms. Besides it can use an html file optionally, if needed.

Add / remove different type and size of map navigation controls, show / hide map type switch. Completely remove the dashboard or choose from smaller versions. Allow / prevent keyboard navigation. Adjust mouse settings, zoom settings, define other specifications like Hide base tile layer, AutoSize, Hover and Dragging cursors.

TGAgisBingMap also supports localization of applications, with 20 supported languages / variations.
Image shows 4 of them in action on map type control buttons.

Add remove different type and size of map controls,
like Scale control, Overview Map (at any location on the map) ..
Basic methods like Center, Zoom In/Out, Set Zoom Level, PanTo, PanBy, Continuous Pan..

Map position and zoom level can be saved and restored back.

Add, remove, update many kinds of overlay objects (markers, labels, polylines, polygons, curves and circles, 2D and 3D kml/rss xml sources, Bing Collections, arrows) simply. And do not worry if you have many overlays, TGAgisBingMap can optimize display for performance or quality.
And use an extensive amount of properties / events to manage your map, and overlay objects.

All overlays allow submitting multiple changes at once with BeginUpdate and EndUpdate methods.
They all can be set to be visible at certain zoom ranges also.
Overlays can also be grouped under a Layer, so that showing / hiding them at once becomes possible.
Create markers with different images using ImageURL property. And each marker can be set draggable or fixed location as well.

Markers also can be set to be visible at specified zoom level ranges.

With TGAgisBingMap you can create labels with full html support. Which means you can add different size/ color text / link, images, borders, anything html supports.

Create polylines from vertices with properties like StrokeWeight, StrokeColor, StrokeOpacity, also Geodesic or not. Calculate length, get bounds easily.

Image shows polylines with same two coordinates but (red) one is geodesic type.

Create polygons from vertices with properties like StrokeWeight, StrokeColor, StrokeOpacity, FillColor, FillOpacity, also Geodesic or not.. Calculate area, get bounds easily.

Image shows two polygons with same coordinate data, one in geodesic format.

Curves are also supported. It is possible to draw opaque / transparent, closed / open curves with adjustable precision. Again, curves have standard properties and events like other overlays.

Image shows a few possibilities.

Create circles at required precision with properties like Center Coordinates, Radius, StrokeWeight, StrokeColor, StrokeOpacity, FillColor, FillOpacity.. Calculate area and get bounds accurately and easily.

Create arrows in any size with any border and fill colors to point any direction.
Currently three different shapes are available, regular, triangular and double triangular. All support width and length scaling independantly.

They will notify for mouse over, mouse out, click events also.

Aerial perspective imagery is also supported with the component.

You do not have to look at from the top, but you can also view from the North, East, West and South sides.

Set your waypoints and get walking or driving directions among them in a language you prefer. Consider traffic information if you need.

Distance and Duration information can also be retrieved.

You can show traffic data with the flow option programmatically.

A legend with a customizable title is also available to show.

Tile Layers are also available.
You can add custom tile images with adjustable transparency.

Image shows crosshairs tile image over Australia.

TGAgisBingMap component also supports TPopupMenu natively.
Just assign the PopupMenu to the dedicated property, and it will do the rest. With the help of properties and events, you can determine, if user right clicked on a marker for example and add an action item for that marker.
Also a property is added to return if PopUp Menu is visible or not currently (a menu is selected or user clicked outside of popup menu).

For a closer look please check the demo.
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